What Is This Study About?

In our study on relationships and health habits we seek to better understand how health habits change as people age. We are interested in learning more about how different social ties - such as those with children, a spouse, friends, or church groups - affect your health and health habits over your life.

The first part of our study used national survey data from the Americans' Changing Lives Study. This study involved interviews with several thousand Americans over a fifteen year period. We have written a number of articles on the subject of social ties and health habits based on these interviews. For example, we've addressed the question how marital status and marital transitions, like getting married or divorced, affect weight gain and weight loss. We've also begun to study how stress in people's lives affect their health habits. Please visit our Publications section to see some of our published and working papers.

Now Conducting Interviews... We Want YOU!

The second part of our study involves in-depth interviews with individuals in the Austin area. We are currently looking for people to interview for our study on health habits. If you think you might be interested in participating, please visit our Interviews page.





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